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Legislative Advocacy


This group is responsible for identifying, documenting, and presenting—to the Steering Committee and the CSIU membership—proposals for coordinated action on key legislative or administrative issues.  Much of this work is coordinated with legislative priorities from the Union of Concerned Scientists, AAAS, and other professional organizations.  This group also takes a lead in exploring, coordinating, and planning candidate forums. They also collaborate with the Communication Working Group and the Steering Committee to identify  ‘Action Items’ to be disseminated to CSIU membership for individual action.

Interested? Email pmadetzk AT indiana.edu OR vigdor AT indiana.edu

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Education and Outreach

This working group is responsible for both outreach to community organizations, such as schools, community organizations, and religious communities, as well as to campus organizations, student groups, and the general membership of CSIU. 

Activities include speaking to student science clubs, outreach to schools and community organizations, participation in teacher-training workshops, and  organizing high-profile science events.

Interested? Email tlonderg AT indiana.edu OR juhbauer AT iu.edu



This group develops strategies for external communications and provides media support for all of the activities of the CSIU.  They are responsible for developing and maintaining the CSIU’s social media presence, including the CSIU website, Twitter feed, blogs, and Facebook page, as well as coordinating press releases, letters to the editor, Op-Ed pieces, or other topical media initiatives. They are also responsible for maintaining a regular distribution of relevant news, editorials, and action items related to science policy.

Interested? Email irnewton AT indiana.edu OR mbdelval AT iu.edu



This working group is responsible for prioritizing, planning, and coordinating both ‘high-frequency’ CSIU events, such as Farmers Market tabling, and ‘low-frequency’ special events, such as the all-hands meetings, campus speakers, forums, and response to high-profile current events, typically in collaboration with other campus organizations and departments.

Interested? Email kellerab AT indiana.edu OR hamburg AT indiana.edu